PMV conveying systems
Functional conveying systems

An efficient transport system is indispensable for the complete process in laundries. If there is a failure or disruption caused by only one simple part, the whole process will probability stop or run with limited functionality. Our high quality conveying systems are optimally adjusted to transport loose laundry, pressed parcels, packets and container. PMV Fördertechnik offers their customers a wide range of conveying systems.

The property of processing – unclean, washed, dashed, dried, pressed, mangled, folded linen has to be conveyed from one workstation to another. The using of conveying systems for this process is an economic warrantable mechanizing. The exercise of the employees insists on moving laundry trolleys, portable shelves or something like that in the past, are vacant for other activities. This economy of human resources is not the only profitable benefit caused by the assignment of conveying mechanism.

About the beneficial addition of mechanism the conveyer establishment effects convenience to the whole organization of the laundry by the continued or synchronize supply with linen to the working stations. The particular working stations are capacity more evenly and the circulation of laundry is more clearly. The linen runs to the factory like on an assembly line.

Profit from the technical know- how of PMV Fördertechnik- specialist for solutions of your conveying problems.
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