PMV conveying systems
in a few words
The PMV Fördertechnik is a self-contained company since 01.01.2015, before that it was assigned to a department of PMV Geiser GmbH & Co.KG. We have been constructing conveyor belts for laundries worldwide since 2005. Our team dispose of an expert knowledge by practice of reasonably company’s like Heinemann GmbH. Due to this our know-how is based on more than 40 years’ experience which is looking for one´s peers

As a youthful and determined company with dedicated employees, we chase the destination to enquire customer-specific special solutions for laundries and not only transport solutions.

All materials of our conveyors are manufactured according to the recent production process. It is our requirement to develop our products constantly, to give consideration to the current market conditions, so that our products increase their efficiency – as environmental as possible.
We are also your reference for spare parts. We deliver quickly reliable worldwide, whether standard products or custom-made-products for existent conveyer belts.

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